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Welcome to Funatik Mas.


Our portrayal for Notting Hill Carnival 2017 was inspired by the song of the same name ‘Ganges and The Nile’ composed by top Trinidadian calypsonian David Michael Rudder.


Excerpt of the song Ganges and the Nile:

‘’…Many rivers flowed to this naked isle, Bringing fear and pain But also a brand new style

And of all these rivers that shaped this land, Two mighty ones move like a sculptor’s hand.

And today those hands, across the land, man, they’re still landscapingAnd there’s no doubt we go work it out, there is no escaping.

As the river flows there are those who would change its passage.But every common man got to under-stand up and send a message.

So put up your hand if you understand now. Come.See how we moving, watch how we grooving See how we step in style.One lovely nation, under a groove The Ganges come meet the Nile…’’

With these lyrics in mind, together with our design team ‘ENVY DESIGNS, five beautiful sections based on the influences of these two mighty regions were created.

With the vibrant orange, gold and sultry black hues of MASALA imbedding imagery of delicacies tantalizing our taste buds, we saunter into to the lush, virile RAIN FOREST whose flora and fauna wave in the gentle breeze, cooling, yet beckoning us to watch how they groove, serenely watching the glistening dew drops nestling on the sensuous petals of the NYMPHAE NOUCHALI flowers as the kings, queens, courtesans and influencers walk along the banks adorned in gems and fine garments exuding ROYALTY as the atmosphere is filled with a festive mood in preparation for the yearly RITUALS.

Join us as we take a journey through the ‘Ganges and the Nile’ along the streets of Notting Hill, FUNATIK MAS style.




3 thoughts on “The Funatik Mas Band 2017

  1. I have been recommended by Aida
    I would like to register for frontline Masala & backline rainforest

    1. Hi Charlie, Thank you for contacting Funatik Mas with your interest in registering with us for 2017. For further information in registering please check you email, do remember to check both your spam and general inbox as some messages do get miss directed.
      Regards Funatik Mas Management.

  2. The Costumes are Amazing !

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