Let's go to outer space

Outer Space, the final frontier, this is the voyage of the Funatik Mas family 2019.

The beginning of our exploration takes us among the ‘Shooting Stars’, passing the ‘Man on the Moon’ and a short visit to the fierce protectors of their stars, Galactica.

With a burst of white heat created by High Velocity we journey on, approaching swirling red, orange and yellow beings on Fireball, who take us into their starship to the sparkling planet of Super Nova who shimmers and weaves strands of purple, silver and pink star trails.

It is against this planetary backdrop, we invite you to join the fun, excitement, colour and freedom that is Notting Hill Carnival with us.

With options for kids and adults, a friendly, welcoming, experience awaits; give us a call today for more information on how you can be a part of these 2 days of glitter and splendour with FUNATIK MAS.


We are proud to be a Family band and we put a great importance on Carnival Sunday with the Children. This year our FUNATIKALS will look amazing as they take to the street in 3 sections. Shooting Stars, Man On The Moon and Galactica.
The funatikals

Parents, Guardians and relatives can support the band on Carnival Sunday by purchasing a Funatikals Tshirt package which costs £20 per person. This payment includes soft refreshments and snacks on the route including patties. Click on the image below to register.