About Funatik Mas


Funatik Mas is a team of talented, passionate, fun loving individuals who have come together to provide a premium, consistent, high quality all-inclusive carnival band experience in London.  Collectively, the team has Carnival experience (music and costuming) spanning 30+ years in countries such as Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and the UK.

Costumes for the band are designed by Envy Designs – a creative team of three very talented individuals who have had years of carnival experience in the UK and Barbados.

These designs are individually hand crafted and made by an equally talented team of individuals who volunteer their time over a period of three months leading up to Notting Hill Carnival.

Having participated in Notting Hill Carnival every year since its official creation in 2012, Funatik Mas is now one of the larger bands on the Carnival circuit with just over 150 participants.  We attract and provide options to patrons from varied backgrounds and lifestyles  – everyone is welcomed in Funatik Mas – We’ve got a costume option and sizing to suit you – from one piece swimsuits to bikinis, even corsets and hot pants (shorts).

Come be a Funatik!