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Mas just got real as Not Asking for It and Funatik Mas

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LONDON – 21 May, 2017 – Just when you thought you had seen all the costume packages Notting Hill Carnival 2017 has to offer, women’s rights campaign group Not Asking For It in collaboration with Funatik Mas launches ‘Freedom’ – the final section to be released in Funatik Mas’ 2017 presentation, ‘Ganges and The Nile – One Nation Under A Groove’.


Freedom offers masqueraders the chance to do so much more than wear a costume and celebrate carnival. It offers an opportunity to stand out and make a statement on an issue so real to so many across the globe. Not only do the beautiful water inspired creations portray a bold written message of respect and empowerment for women, but all profits from sale of the costumes will go to help survivors of domestic violence through the And Still I Rise Foundation in Grenada.


This unique carnival offering will be Not Asking For It’s second year at Notting Hill Carnival, following a successful ‘fun mas’ presentation with Funatik Mas in 2016. This year’s stunning ‘pretty mas’ offering, ‘Freedom’ was designed by Patricia Sawyerr and Not Asking For It campaign founder, Fiona Compton. The eye catching turquoise designs aim to portray the power, beauty, and freeness of water, one of nature’s most precious gifts.


Fiona said, “I’m honoured to have been given the opportunity to give Not Asking For It a platform at Notting Hill Carnival with ‘Freedom’. It really is a unique mas offering and everyone involved in the project is excited to welcome masqueraders to help us spread the very important message of respect for women worldwide. The costumes aim to portray the message that just like water, women everywhere should be free. Free to do and act however they see fit without fear. That’s what ‘Freedom’ is all about. Join us and help spread the message that women are Not Asking For It.”


The Not Asking For It campaign launched in 2016 amid a back drop of the murder of Japanese national and steel pan player Asami Nagakiya in Trinidad over the 2016 Carnival season. Through a series creative media and events, the campaign aims to break the culture of victim blaming globally.


The stunning costumes are part of Funatik Mas’ all-inclusive carnival package and can be purchased now on the mas band’s website at £170 for female and £140 for male. For full package details, to see the costumes and sign up to make a real difference this carnival, visit


For more information on the Not Asking For It campaign and to find out how else you can get involved in the project visit or follow @Naficampaign (Twitter), notaskingforitofficial (Instagram), Not Asking It Official (Facebook).


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