The Awakening


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Not Asking For It continues its awareness campaign, addressing the continuing misconception / misinterpretation of  the  costumed masqueraders taking to the streets  for two days of  revelry and fun.  Many still see it as an open invitation to inappropriately touch the women without consent  and still have the mind set of ‘they are asking for it because of how they are dressed’.  Carnival is an expression of joy and freedom often creating new friendships and certainly not an open invitation to inappropriately touch someone because of how little they may be wearing.

The awakening, inspired by the fact that there is hope for a new day and new life, even after the most trials, tribulations and pain. That the dawn of a new day is around the corner. Rise up from your dreams of a better future and make it a reality today.

100% or our profits go to help those affected by domestic violence in the Caribbean and helping to bring back those who have lost their dreams through abuse, come to life.


PHONE:  +447958625046

SOCIAL MEDIA – Instagram:  NotAskingForItOfficial


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